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Marketing Department Management

All businesses need a marketing department.

ODINS's Marketing Department Management System trims the fat of over-staffing. It allows for digital marketing experts to do what they do best. With ODIN's System, marketers work as specialized units while coordinating as a team.

ODIN.'s operational excellence system, shows which technology integrates seamlessly with every facet of digital marketing. We advocate for technologies which provide analytics, visible across all channels. By using the right technology in the right way, marketing experts to take a single message and optimize it for individual channels.

This System leads to optimal utilization of the marketing staff's expertise and perfectly coordinates them without unnecessary and time consuming meetings.

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Contact Center Management

This Course is intended for remote contact centers which are necessary now in nearly all businesses.

Customer service and Sales Centers range from Cold Calling, ISR, Customer Success, Retention, and Renewals.

With ODIN's System of contact center management. We focus on having employees perform their main function while also mining for data.

The ODIN System for Contact Centers does not rely on training. Rather, we measure every exchange between customer and Representative until a statistically perfect system can be derived from the data. When used properly, it results in the best possible outcome. Better sales, retention, or issues resolved

Our system is built on the data of trial and error. It is tailor made for each individual business.

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H.R. Department Management

O.D.I.N.'s System of H.R. Management ties in to its overall philosophy of data driven management and operational excellence. 

With our system, the H.R. department will be able to predict how candidates will perform in their rolls.

Further, O.D.I.N.'s System will ensure that the BEST candidates are chosen. Not just the available.

We teach methods of swift on-boarding and constant measurement. So an employee is always profitable to the company.

An H.R. department managed by ODIN's operational excellence System is not an auxiliary unit of the business. It's a unit based on data, dependent on systems, It is an essential revenue driving machine.

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Finance Department Management

ODIN's Financial Management System transforms the finance department from a passive measurement instrument to an active regulator.

By using the latest technology, data entry is automated away, and manpower can focus on the financial aspects of targets set within each department.

The ODIN operational excellence system of Financial Management does not only understand finance. It understands the KPIs of all departments. Therefore, it acts as a watchdog unit. Because of this, If KPIs in amy department, relative to industry averages, are reaching, exceeding, or falling short of their financial expectations and targets, the finance department knows.

By using O.D.I.N.'s Financial Management System, businesses can better budget, forecast, and assess the risk of growth.

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