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ODIN's philosophy of free education comes from it's founder who believes anyone, with the proper guidance, can build a business on solid foundations and can grow and flourish. Hence, ODIN was built to give confidence and know-how to hard workers ready to take the first step to operational excellence management.

Through collaboration with  consultants at the top of their respective fields, ODIN was born. O.D.I.N. stands for Operations Development in Intersecting Networks. It is a model of how a business can run with operational excellence. and a road-map for data based management, leading to better decision making.

ODIN will begin releasing it's courses in 2022, and with it the "The StartUp Manual From Idea To Authority"  

ODIN will begin working on several services that its affiliated consultants have expertise in.


Coming from a working-class background in the Chicagoland area, Jesse experienced a troubled youth. Violence and gangs were the norms, and success or even normalcy was far from guaranteed. His ethnicity, being half Jewish, led to constant confrontations and discrimination.

Jesse lived with his grandparents, who were great believers in the state of Israel. When they passed away, Jesse, at the age of 18 packed his bags for a new beginning. Coming to Israel for the first time with no family, friends, or financial support to a new country, Jesse broke down barriers through his determination to make Israel his new home.

He officially became a citizen of Israel in 2006 and devoted himself to military service as a commander in the counter-terror wing of the IDF.

Jesse went on to manage businesses in the United States starting by leaning on his military experience. He drove a truck route in the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago by day and worked security in nightlife venues at night. By weekends he was a personal trainer. Jesse learned hard work is the only way to achieve success, and however medial the work may be, there is always something to learn from it. Within one year, Jesse was managing logistics for the company he drove trucks for, managed operations for the nightlife venues, and ran his own personal training business.  

Jesse later moved back to Israel, and with his work experience,  joined many different startups. After building operations for several successful Startups for the thriving high-tech industry in Tel Aviv, Jesse began consulting for both young and mature companies, working with driven leaders to help them achieve success.

 Jesse has built operations and systems to manage and coordinate hundreds of employees. He's set strategies and opened new markets. He's successfully lobbied governments to great effect. 

The achievements he is most proud of being in the ed-tech sphere, where he has set strategy and helped develop education innovations that allow access to the professional class for those who have come from working-class backgrounds, and may have been unable to achieve a college degree due to their families circumstances, Just like him.

You can read about Jesse in an interview with Gokhshtein Media Here:


ODIN is a lifetime of experience from a team of operational excellence consultants.

 After much trial and error, successes and failures, and innovations on classic methods of management. At we ODIN have created a system of data based Management. It was conceived and broken down into four units which coincide with the pillars that hold up any business.


While businesses in different industries have many departments for many needs. However, all businesses rely on four departments. 

Human Resources

These pillars are essential to any businesses. There is no business that could function without one of them. Here, ODIN gives a step by step walk-through on how to apply the ODIN System to each department.